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glacier white landscape stone white granite stone for landscaping
glacier white granite rock

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Glacier White landscape stones give a neat finished look to your home and property.

Butala Sand and Gravel - Salida, Colorado. The Home of "Glacier White Cobbles"

The attractive “Glacier White” landscape stone that is our trademark product comes from natural stream channel and terrace depositions, some resulting from the catastrophic break of a glacial dam in the geologic past.  

The very pale granite that forms Glacier White was transported quite some distance by water and ice before finally stopping in the Heart of the Rockies. 

This long transport in an abrasive environment and fast-moving stream produced beautifully rounded natural stone in a clean deposit.

Glacier White Cobbles are one of the whitest natural river stones available in the world. 

Nature's building material - Glacier White Granite landscape stone makes excellent retaining walls.

It has an attractive and distinctive appearance and is prized by landscape designers. 

We offer a range of sizes of this natural round granite rock, ranging from pea-gravel to car-sized centerpiece landscaping boulders.

Stones in the middles sizes (2” to 12” in diameter) generally have the most uniform white color, although some variation does become apparent up close. 

The smallest natural round stones such as pea-gravel tend to look a bit darker, as does the crushed stone.  The largest boulders have more variation in color and rock grain pattern...


colorado granite landscape stone

landscape stone

white granite landscape stone



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